Ricky Idiot tour

iggy wild and strong
Iggy Pop David Bowie at the keyboatd Idiot Tour 1977
Iggy Pop 77
Iggy Pop Tony Sales Ricky Gardiner and David Bowie
The Idiot tour 1977
Ricky Gardiner behind Tony Sales and David Bowie on keys

Iggy Pop, David Bowie at the keyboard and Ricky Gardiner Idiot Tour 1977

Photos: Virginia Scott Nikormat/ Kodachrome.

Iggy Pop Idiot Tour Mantra 1977

Calling Sister Midnight

Full Bootleg

Iggy Pop: vox

David Bowie: extended piano, B/vox

Ricky Gardiner: Guitar

Tony Sales: Bass, B/Vox

Hunt Sales: Drums, B/Vox