Ricky Gardiner 1969

Ricky Gardiner 1969:photographer unknown

Photo of Ricky Gardiner 1969


This photograph was taken in Glasgow in 1969 photographer unknown.

Iggy Pop Idiot Tour Mantra 1977

Calling Sister Midnight

Full Bootleg

Iggy Pop: vox

David Bowie: extended piano, B/vox

Ricky Gardiner: Guitar

Tony Sales: Bass, B/Vox

Hunt Sales: Drums, B/Vox


Iggy Pop Rainbow Idiot Tour 1977

MP3’s LIVE of the Iggy Pop Idiot Tout live at the Rainbow Theatre London 1977 thanks to Dave Thomson.


Set List

Track 01. Raw Power (6.4MB)
Track 02. TV Eye (5.2MB)
Track 03. Dirt (7.7MB)
Track 04. 1969 (4.3MB)
Track 05. Turn Blue (10.3MB)
Track 06. Fun Time (4.3MB)
Track 07. Gimme Danger (6.3MB)
Track 08. No Fun (5.1MB)
Track 09. Sister Midnight (5.9MB)
Track 10. I Need Somebody (5.8MB)
Track 11. Search And Destroy (4.9MB)
Track 12. I Wanna Be Your Dog (6.1MB)
Track 13. Tonight (5.3MB)
Track 14. Some Weird Sin (6.7MB)
Track 15. China Girl (4.9MB)


Line Up

Iggy Pop: Vox

David Bowie: Keys

Ricky Gardiner: Guitar

Tony Sales: Bass

Hunt Sales:  Drums


Let it Rock Songs for the Electric / DMNE Review

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Songs for The Electric Ricky Gardiner Solo RGS 9497 Ricky Gardiner DMNE Review