Ricky Gardiner age 16

Ricky Gardiner with the Kingbees 1963
Ricky Gardiner with the Kingbees 1963

A little video with Ricky Gardiner playing Midnight by the Shadows age 16 on a Futurama 3 with a Selmer tape delay with the Kingbees Glasgow 1963.

Dmitry Epstein Ricky Gardiner Interview


Songs for the Electric

 Beggars Opera David Bowie Iggy Pop Ricky is releasing a solo guitar collection of 21 new tracks called Songs for the Electric RGS 9497.


Track List

01 Night
02 Days
03 Intervals
04 The Cavern
05 One Day
06 Seventy One
07 The Reign
08 The Total
09 This Year
10 Epoch
11 Auto
12 Kinnaird
13 So it All Becomes a Story
14 Summer Rain
15 The Task
16 Did I Tell You
17 Free Wish
18 Lucky
19 Quietly

Listen to my world
I hear songs
I sing high
I climb
I breath