RIP Roy Young pianist

Rip Roy Young Pianist on the David Bowie Low album.

Bless you

Roy Young 1976 David Bowie Low session by Ricky Gardiner

4 thoughts on “RIP Roy Young pianist

  1. One of the musicians at the Low sessions was keyboardist Roy Young, who recalls Bowie playing the soundtrack to the studio band: “When we’d completed the A-side of the album, just before we were about to record the B-side, David took all the musicians into the booth to play the music that he wanted to put on the B-side. It was so far away from the music we had just finished recording, we all looked at each other in surprise that he wanted to pursue it. I think we all felt the same about it: it really wasn’t a style that was going to work with us; hence he brought in Eno, which worked out better for that material.”

    – does ricky remember this event while making ‘LOW’ ???

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